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[NEW FEATURE] 20 Creative Ways to Use Email Downloads to Market Your Music

Whether you're a rising indie artist or a well-established musician, email marketing takes the gold as one of the most effective music marketing channels to date, and it’s no surprise why. According to Ontraport, email marketing is “roughly twice the ROI (return on investment) of other digital channels and heavily outweighs the returns seen on other media channels.” This means that with email, your odds of securing ticket sales, selling merchandise, and increasing your streams are much higher. 

Before you can start reveling in the positive impacts of email marketing, you’ll first need to build your email contact list. By creating and maintaining an email list, you can directly target your music marketing efforts to your fans and contacts, increasing the chances of engagement and purchases. In this article, we'll dive into how you can collect your fan emails with Venice’s new email download feature and discuss various email marketing strategies you can use to effectively market your music - from promoting upcoming shows to sharing exclusive content and offering special deals. 

Build Your Email Contact List Through Venice 

Before you can unlock the power of email marketing, you'll first need to collect your fan's emails! One of the most efficient and cross-functional ways to do this is through Venice's Marketing Links. 

Marketing links are a powerful free feature with a Venice Essentials or Professional membership that drives fans to your music on any streaming service through one streamlined link. You can use these links in your social posts, bios, website, QR codes, and other shareable mediums to seamlessly link them to a release you're promoting.

"Audience engagement is vital to successful artist development. [Venice] wants to give artists the ability not only to understand who their fans are but also to communicate with them directly. Giving Venice members direct access to their top fans will allow them to promote upcoming releases, tour dates, merch, and more to ensure those fans stick around for the longevity of the artist's career!" - Venice Artist Marketing Director, Brooke Rascoff

Venice Pre-Save Links

Anytime a fan pre-saves your music through your marketing link, they'll have the option to opt-in and subscribe for your updates and promotions. After opt-in, Venice will capture your fan's email, which will be available for download within the Venice distribution portal. 

💡 PRO TIP: Emails will be available to download as CSV every 24 hours, so be sure to download your email list often to access new incoming contacts!

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20 Creative Email Marketing Strategies for Musicians 

1. Promote upcoming shows or tour dates
Touring or playing local shows? Increase your ticket sales and turnout by alerting your fans about show dates. 

2. Share exclusive content or behind-the-scenes footage
Give your fans a glimpse into your music-making process by sending exclusive video footage, photos, or stories. 

3. Offer special deals or discounts for merchandise or VIP experiences
Everyone loves a good deal. Incentivize your email contacts with exclusive discounts or deals on merchandise and live shows. 

4. Share new music releases and upcoming album information
Keep your fans in the know about upcoming release details and important dates. 

5. Invite fans to participate in contests or giveaways
Engage your fans through merchandise giveaways or private show offerings. 

6. Provide updates on your musician's creative process or personal life.
Authenticity is key here. 

7. Encourage fans to share and promote your music with their own networks
Send your Venice Marketing Links their way and ask for a little promo help. 

8. Share social media links and encourage your fans to follow your social accounts 
Most drag-and-drop email builders like HubSpot or MailChimp allow you to link all your
social channels within the footer of your email. 

9. Provide information on streaming or purchasing your music
Link your fans to your Artist Profiles so they can easily access your music.
10. Share your playlists and favorite songs with your fans 
Show your listeners other artists you’re inspired by. 

11. Share news about collaborations or features on other artist music
Tell interesting stories about the collaboration process! 

12. Offer limited-time free downloads of songs or albums
If you’re a producer or beat-maker, this is a great way to make more artist connections. 

13. Promote your ticket and/or merchandise pre-sales 
Build fan anticipation by informing your listeners about upcoming ticket and merch sales.

14. Send out an exclusive newsletter with upcoming events, new songs or albums, or behind the scene stories
Weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly newsletters are great for keeping your fans engaged and informed about what’s going on in your world. 

15. Share exclusive video content like music video, live performance, Q&A
If there’s anything TikTok and YouTube has taught us, it’s that video is king. 

16. Offer fan-only discounts or special merchandise
Create secret, closed links to special merchandise or music discounts as a ‘Thank You’ to your email contacts.

17. Create a loyalty program for fans who purchase a certain amount of merch or tickets
Buy 3 pieces of merchandise, receive a free t-shirt. 

18. Share upcoming events or appearances on TV or radio
If you’re performing at a special event or interviewing with an outlet, let the people know!

19. Providing exclusive access to live streams or online concerts to email subscribers
Twitch is the move, kid!

20. Use your email list to survey fans on their music preferences or to gather feedback on new releases.
When you’re ready to create your fan personas, email surveys will prove to be VITAL.

Collect Your Fan Emails with Venice’s Email Download Feature!

This feature comes 100% free with a Venice Essentials or Professional membership. See which plan best suits your needs and join our community of independents!

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