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Venice Music Distribution Introduces $19.99 ‘Core’ Subscription Tier

In an ever-evolving music industry, our mission has remained consistent - to help independent artists of all stages navigate their careers and successfully release their music to the world. To further accomplish this mission, the Venice team has introduced a fourth annual membership tier – Core. 

‘Core’ is now available at $19.99/year, giving artists the fundamental tools they need to successfully release, manage, and collect earnings from their music. ‘Core’ artists have instant access to a variety of premium features that other major distributors up-charge for, including free collaborator splits, analytics tools, unlimited audio distribution, and Shazam song submission. 

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Artists can choose amongst four membership tiers based on their current career needs and goals. Our Core and Essentials memberships offer artists the technical tools needed to release music and collect earnings, while our Grow and Pro memberships unlock access to industry experts through digital sync and A&R office hours, music feedback sessions, and strategy sessions.

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With our new Core membership, we remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering artists at every stage of their journey. Choose your path, unlock your music’s potential, and let Venice be your partner in success.

Share your music with the world starting at only $19.99/year

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