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Open Verse Challenge: What It Is, Why You Should Participate, and How to Host One

As an artist, one of the most effective ways to engage with your fans and build your audience is by running an open verse challenge. An open verse challenge is a social media challenge that encourages fans to create and share their own versions of your song, either by rapping or singing along with the instrumental. These challenges have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason – they offer a wide range of benefits for both artists and fans.

Why You Should Run an Open Verse Challenge 

It helps you connect with your fans 
One of the most important things for any artist is to build a strong connection with their fans. Running an open verse challenge is a great way to do this, encouraging fans to engage directly with your music and to share their own creativity with you. By reacting to fans’ submissions and sharing their content across your social media channels, you can show your fans that you value their support and appreciate their contributions.


“REAL ONES” OPEN VERSE CHALLENGE is LIVE. Duet this video and lay down some bars. Best verse will go on the deluxe version of the album🔥 #fyp #openversechallenge #openverse #newmusic #freestyle #bars

♬ REAL ONES by KOTA The Friend and Statik Selektah - KOTA The Friend

It increases your exposure 
Another benefit of running an open verse challenge is that it can help to increase your exposure and reach new fans. When fans create and share their own versions of your song, they are effectively promoting your music to their own followers and networks. This can help to generate buzz around your music and attract new fans who might not have heard of you before.

It encourages collaboration
An open verse challenge can also be a great way to encourage collaboration and creativity among your fans. By inviting fans to add their own verses to your song, you are effectively inviting them to become co-creators of your music. This can help to foster a sense of community and collaboration around your music, and can create a more engaged and dedicated fanbase.

How to Run an Open Verse Challenge 

  1. Choose a song that has a catchy hook or instrumental: You'll want to pick a song that fans can easily rap or sing along to.

  2. Create a catchy hashtag: Your challenge needs a hashtag that participants can use to share their entries. Make sure it's unique and easy to remember.

    Pro Tip: Format one of your hashtags as #YourSongNameOpenVerse to make browsing submissions easier for yourself.

  3. Set a deadline: Give participants enough time to create and upload their entries, but also set a clear deadline for submissions. Two to three weeks out is a good timeline. 

  4. Offer a prize: Offer a prize for the best entry, such as a feature on your social media or a shoutout from your TikTok account. This can encourage more musicians to participate.

  5. Promote the challenge: Use your TikTok account and other social media platforms to promote the challenge. Make sure to explain the rules, deadline, and prize. Encourage participants to use the challenge hashtag and tag your account in their entries.

  6. Review entries: Once the challenge is over, review the entries and select a winner. Consider enlisting the help of other musicians or fans to help you judge.

  7. Announce the winner: Share the winning entry on your account and announce the winner on your other social media platforms. Make sure to tag the winner and congratulate them on their success.

  8. Keep the momentum going: Consider making the open verse challenge a recurring event to keep your fans engaged and inspired.

Tips from our Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Carissa Estilo:

✔ Get yourself in front of some good lighting and lip sync a few lines of the hook of your song.
✔ Don’t make the intro too long; you want the audio to easily slide into the fan’s verse.
✔ Once you’re done lip syncing, let the track play out with an instrumental for a few bars. Groove and vibe out as if you’re hyping them up!
✔ The most important thing with these challenges is to make sure you’re reacting to fans’ submissions! Duet them, repost them, make montages with them, and post the content across all your socials.

Running an open verse challenge can be an incredibly effective way to engage with your fans, increase your exposure, and encourage collaboration and creativity. By following these tips and making the most of the content that your fans create, you can build a stronger connection with your audience and take your music career to the next level.

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