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Refer Your Way to Extra Cash: Introducing the Venice Referral Program

Finding the financial means to fuel your music aspirations can be a daunting mission. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the Venice Music Referral Program, a reward system designed to help you generate extra income without leaving your studio. Share Venice Music with your friends and receive cash payments to help support your goals, whether it's funding your next project, acquiring essential equipment, or planning that dream tour. 

How the Venice Referral Program Works 

The Venice Referral Program gives you the opportunity to provide referral links to your network to help expand our community and make money in the process. Your network will receive a discount on the membership of their choosing (25%), while you, the referrer, will receive a portion of the sale as thank you compensation. Once your referral code is used, you’ll receive payment in 90 days through your connected Stripe account. 

How Much You’ll Receive Per Membership Referral 

There’s no cap to how many artists you can refer to Venice. Your output is your payout!

To give perspective, if you referred one Pro member a month, you could make an additional $1,200 a year to put into studio time, paying a producer, or simply paying rent. Similarly, the artists you refer will receive a generous discount for joining Venice.

Referral Program Chart-1

How to Get Your Referral Link

Venice members can access their referral link in the top right corner of their member and distribution portals. Simply copy your link from here and start sharing.

We recommend taking a strategic approach to help spread the word about your referral link. As the saying goes - work smarter, not harder. Check out a few of our tips to help put your link in front of more eyes. 

Post in online music forums and groups 

Hitting up artist-centered subreddits, forums, and groups online will help put your code in front of a relevant audience. 

Share with your social circle

Leverage your existing social networks to spread the word about your referral link. Let your friends, family, and followers know about the program and how they can benefit from it. Consider crafting a personalized message explaining why you think it's valuable and how it could benefit them or someone they know.

Add your link to your social bios

Make sure your referral link is easily accessible to anyone who visits your social media profiles. Update your bio or profile description with an engaging message about the program, along with a clear call-to-action encouraging people to use your link. This way, even casual visitors can quickly learn about the opportunity.

Post flyers around music venues or stores

Take your promotional efforts offline by creating eye-catching flyers or posters promoting your referral link. Choose high-traffic areas around music venues, local stores, or community spaces where your target audience frequents. Include a QR code or a clear URL for easy access. This approach can be particularly effective in building awareness within your local community.

Create a review video on YouTube 

Video content is an incredibly effective way to engage and inform your audience. Consider creating a review video where you discuss the benefits and features of your company's program. Be sure to highlight why it's valuable for musicians or music enthusiasts. Include your referral link in the video description and encourage viewers to use it. Additionally, share the video on your social media channels for maximum exposure.

Remember, the key is to be authentic and genuinely helpful! Avoid spammy tactics, and focus on providing value to the community. By doing this, you'll not only increase the likelihood of successful referrals but also enhance your reputation within these online music forums and groups.


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