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Venice Partners With Chartmetric to Give Artists The Ultimate Music Toolkit

We are thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Chartmetric, a cutting-edge music analytics platform that’s empowering independent artists to make data-driven decisions to grow their music careers. Chartmetric stands as a force in the music industry, granting their users access to an extensive database of over 9 million artist profiles, enriched with data from more than 25 streaming and social platforms. Chartmetric serves as your ultimate toolkit for understanding your position in today's complex music landscape, both online and offline. From monitoring playlist adds to understanding your fan demographics, Chartmetric has every facet of your music career covered.

Venice Pro members can now take advantage of a 20% discount on Chartmetric's Artist Plan. This partnership provides you access to the same powerful tools the Venice Artist Services team relies on, all at a discounted rate. 

Check out everything you’ll unlock with your discounted Artist plan:

Understand How Your Music is Performing 

Chartmetric offers insights from over 25 platforms, allowing you to monitor playlist additions, streaming and social KPIs, chart performance, fan demographics, tour dates, and sync placements all in one place. Dive into the data and gain a comprehensive understanding of your music's performance.

Make Deeper Connections with Your Fanbase

Discover who's resonating with your music across major streaming and social platforms, and gain valuable insights into detailed demographics and locations. Understanding your audience is key to forming stronger connections both online and offline. Prioritize engaging with fans on platforms your music is performing best on, or consider touring in cities your music is heavily rotating in. 

Find Your Creative Community

Looking for collaborators, bandmates, or like-minded artists? Explore over 9 million artist profiles and uncover potential collaborators, remixers, or future band members with Chartmetric's Neighboring Artists feature. Utilize powerful filters to sort by cross-platform performance, Spotify stats, YouTube metrics, genre, and more. Build your artist network exactly the way you envision it.

Stay Inspired and Informed

Chartmetric keeps you plugged into the heartbeat of the music industry. Stay up-to-date on upcoming concerts, album releases, and television and movie syncs for artists worldwide. Use this invaluable information to draw inspiration and fine-tune your own strategic approach.

Access More with Pro

As a Venice Pro member, your tools and resources extend beyond our Chartmetric partnership. Take full advantage of exclusive offers from partners like Soho Friends, Laylo, Qrates, and Audioshake. Our partner collaborations are curated to provide you with an all-encompassing support system, arming you with the tools and resources you need to thrive in the ever-evolving music landscape.

Grab your Chartmetric discount in your Pro member portal today, or learn more about how the Venice Pro membership can elevate your career.

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